One of the biggest investments any person does in a lifetime is to purchase a property. With this, it’s hardly surprising for a potential property buyer in the Gold Coast to have the property subjected to a building and pest inspection Gold Coast.

As a prospective buyer, what are the benefits provided by building and pest inspection to make it worth your money?

A clearer picture of the property being sold is provided by building and pest inspectors to prospective buyers.

A thorough inspection of the property

An unbiased and thorough appraisal of the property and building is carried out by a professional building and pest expert for them to provide and clear, accurate, and concise report.

The exterior and interior of a building are accessed to include a thorough examination of the building’s structural elements including signs of erosion and drainage issues on the grounds.

The various areas of the property that is scrutinised using cutting-edge assessment and technology include:

  • Fungal decay
  • Pest presence such as termites
  • Moisture levels
  • Maintenance defects
  • Structural problems

Comprehensive pest inspections

The best way to ensure that a potential property is pest-free is to have it subjected to a comprehensive pest inspection. The damage pests such as termites can cause to a property can be horrendous despite their small size.

It has been found that a property’s structural integrity can become seriously compromised by small pests like termites. It can be a financial disaster on your part should you get to discover this after you have purchased the property.

The areas that building and pest inspectors are likely to thoroughly inspect include:

  • The structural integrity of the building
  • Check the roof and gutters for integrity and signs of rust
  • Check underneath the building including drainage, footings, and stumps
  • Inspect the roof space for insulation, structure, and leaks
  • Check out sheds and garages

The smartest way to prevent nasty surprises is to arrange for a building and pest inspection before deciding to purchase the property.

Furnish same-day comprehensive reports

A clear, comprehensive, and accurate report detailing any problems and defects discovered by the building and pest inspector will be submitted at the end of the inspection. Clients are furnished by the completed on-site report after the inspection has been completed. The inspector will only be too happy to go over the report should you wish for more clarification.

The Importance of Building and Pest Inspection

Sellers and buyers both benefit from a building and pest inspection. The expert proof provided by the inspection is the best way for buyers to know everything about the prospective property. Armed with the knowledge enables buyers to occupy the prime position of either demanding repairs before purchase or negotiate a fair price for the property.

Sellers armed with a good inspection report are assured that the property is not exhibiting any problems or defects that could later become issues when closing a deal with a potential buyer.

 While a building and pest control inspection can be handled by one inspector, it is highly recommended to have a separate pest inspector and building inspector. Thorough building inspections are strongly suggested for homes or properties located in the Gold Coast area.

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