If you need something beautiful yet can provide privacy for your home in Sydney, window shutters, Sydney offers the perfect solution. Window shutters instantly provide an old-world charm to your home like no other.


A contemporary appeal can also be provided by modern-styled window shutters. The choices are endless when it comes to window shutters. You have the option to choose between aluminium or wood shutters. The shutters also come in a variety of styles to suit every taste and preference.

The wide range of colours, finishes, and stains available with window shutters ensure tailor-made matching to the decor of the home.


Solid Shutters

Solid shutters are made of traditional single solid panels. It is attached to a window and opens on a hinge. An exact look will be achieved by opting for a shutter that measures the full height and width of your windows.


Tracked shutters

The opening mechanisms of tracked shutters make it the perfect choice for bi-folding, patio or French doors. Using this type of shutters creates a simple yet stylish look to any home. The sliding feature of tracked shutters can be opened effortlessly any time the need arises.


Vinyl shutters

The most practical option is with the long-lasting, strong, and waterproof vinyl shutters. Rooms in the home such as kitchens and bathrooms that produce plenty of moisture are best suited to use vinyl shutters. Yet, the versatility and the high-quality of vinyl shutters make it a good option to use in every room of the home.


Cafe style shutters

If you want shutters that will not completely block out light but still offer privacy, then cafe style shutters are the best option. Designed to provide you the best of both worlds, the top half of the shutter can be opened with the bottom half shuttered close.

Ideally used for front-facing windows, cafe style shutters instantly add charm and character to a home.


Shaped shutters

Window shutters are not created equal just like windows of homes. Shaped shutters are designed to create a statement to unique-shaped windows. The unique and specifically designed mouldings and louvers can be customised to fit porthole or arch windows.

Wooden shutters

The classic design of wooden shutters makes them a timeless option for homes. Dressing windows with a range of wooden shutters’ finishes and styles create a timeless style to the entire home.

Bay window shutters

Bedrooms and living rooms often feature beautiful bay windows. However, bay windows can be tough to dress. Bay window shutters provide the perfect window dressing for difficult-to-dress bay windows. The specific design of bay window shutters perfectly fits the window while providing a timeless and elegant look to the home.


Blackout shutters

Outside light and noise can often prevent disturb your sleep at night. Blackout shutters provide the right answer when it comes to blocking out all external disturbances. Ideally suited for a nursery or bedroom, the stylish designs and the 99% blackout makes this shutter a must-have in the home.


Curtains and blinds are usually the options people think of when it comes to window dressing. Shutters are usually the last to be considered. Yet, making a home secure, beautiful, and warm are the top qualities that window shutters provide.






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