Why you should consider buying a custom marquee

Have you ever thought about all the hype associated with custom marquees? While there are several businesses which may be paying a lot of money for advertising yet they never consider things which are customized. A custom printed marquee is a great way of improving the visibility of your brand.

Since marquee are used at different kinds of events, the people who attend those events get to know about your business. It’s pretty simple. They see the logo of your company on the marquee and they may be curious about the services that you offer.  While they may not immediately follow through, but the logo and the occasion does stay in their mind

There is research which proves that custom printed designs leave a lasting impression and creates a sense of trust between clients and businesses. The following are a few reasons why you should consider investing in custom marquee.


Custom marquees create a lasting impression

Custom printed marquees can help business owners create a good impression on their potential customers. In fact exciting customers too can be impressed by these as well. It’s important to hand over the complete designing process to a professional company. They would make sure that the end result is classy and elegant.

If your business has a certain idea or based upon a particular philosophy, they can implement it in the design of the custom marquee. For example if your company believes in saving the earth, they make sure this idea is apparent in the design printed on the marquee. This also a great way of letting people know more about your ideas and your brand.


It can help your company motto stand out

Thinking of setting up a stall at a corporate fair? It’s important that your brand philosophy stands out from other businesses. This can be done with the help of custom marquee. In order to make sure your idea are loud and clear enough to reach out to a number of people, these marquees can help bring attention to your business by allowing people to know about your brand philosophy.


Where can you use a custom marquee?

You can use a custom marquee at a number of places and events. It can be used to set up a stall at a corporate fair or a sporting event. If your company decide to sponsor a team, they can set up a custom printed canopy for people to provide shade while they enjoy the game.

Doing all of the above is actually a good marketing or advertising strategy. There is no one way in which you can use the marquee. It can be used at a number of events. You simple need to make sure that you invest in a good quality marquee. This is because the right custom marquee would last for years and can be used time and again whenever the occasion calls for it.

The only thing that you should be on the lookout for is a good quality custom marquee.


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How much it costs to build a house from scratch

For those who aspire to maximum freedom, compositional and constructive (and have the necessary patience and creativity) the winning investment is to start from scratch and build your own home by choosing the place, the technology, the materials and the style. The costs to be faced are of various types and it is a bit more complicated, compared to a restructuring, to foresee them all. For those wishing to tackle the adventure of a new construction it is useful to try to calculate them together.expensive

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Consider for example a detached house with a garden , on the outskirts of a medium-sized town, with a floor above ground, with a gross surface area of ​​100 square meters, suitable for a couple with two children. The main costs to be faced are: the purchase of the land, the building cost including the builder’s earnings, charges and contributions to be paid to the Municipality, technical expenses, any interest payable for the loan.

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The purchase of the land first of all, if you do not already have a suitable area, buy a building plot that allows the construction of the volume necessary for family needs. The cost varies a lot depending on the Municipality, the position with respect to the center, the proximity to the services and connections, the availability of similar areas in the surroundings and the panoramic views of the site. Usually it accounts for about 20-30% of the finished value of the house and in our case, considering the OMI real estate quotes, it can be estimated in: North – 600 € / m² Center – 650 € / m² South – 480 € / m²

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Construction work The cost for the construction of the house depends in particular on the construction technology chosen, the accessibility to the site, the quality of the finishes, the number and type of technological systems to be installed, and the profit that the company wants to make. Considering a standard quality for the example house we can take the following values: North – 1.200 € / m² Center – 1.300 € / m² South – 950 € / m²

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Contributions for the Municipality For the release of the Building Permit, each Municipality requires the payment of Urbanization Charges and a Construction Contribution; these amounts vary from municipality to municipality and you can check them on the site of the Authority. As an indication we can consider for our counting: North, Center, South – 140 € / m² Technical expenses After purchasing the land it is also necessary to appoint a qualified technician to draft the project to be submitted to the Municipality and the Civil Engineering Department to obtain the necessary Building Permit. The average cost of a project fluctuates between 8% and 12% of the cost of the works and has a higher incidence, due to fixed costs, on smaller buildings. For our example we take 10% for simplicity, obtaining: North – 120 € / m² Center – 130 € / m² South – 95 € / m²

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Building a new home: 5 tips from an expert builder

Building a new home is the dream of many people and especially of the boys of the new generation, about to face a project of life together, cohabitation or marriage.

The collective thinking that the construction of a new house has a high cost has been consolidated. This was true until a few years ago, but today there are many solutions on the market that allow the construction of low-cost properties , for example with a prefabricated house, or a wooden house – biohaus.

If you are inquiring about building a new home , you will probably have heard of low-priced homes, but choosing a cheap home could also be a double-edged sword if you are not aware of the materials that are used and implementation procedures.

Sometimes it is more convenient to build a traditional masonry house than a prefabricated house. You must have in mind the type of house you want to build , starting from parameters such as surface and anti-seismic functionality, thermal insulation, quality systems.

Then, it is recommended that you compare yourself with an expert in the field , who will advise you freely.

It is precisely to give some clarity that we at Aspirastore.com have asked Matteo Bisinella , owner of a historic Venetian building company, to contribute to our blog by giving you some tips on how to build new homes , which every client should keep in mind to get a house built with intelligence and thriftiness. I leave the word to Matteo. Enjoy the reading!

I am Matteo, I am 29 years old and I am the owner of Bisinella Costruzioni & Servizi Srl of Rossano Veneto, in the province of Vicenza.

I love my work, which I experience as a stimulating challenge: to create a unique and distinct home for each client.

The beauty of my work is that of actually being able to realize people’s dreams and life projects , in a private and professional environment, through the construction and renovation of buildings in civil and industrial environments.

I like to interface with people, and this approach is perhaps the result of the historicity of the family company , which I breathe from an early age. The company was founded in Rossano Veneto in 1937, and since then has always been involved in carrying out many projects, both private and public, for the country and its surroundings.

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