Once you’ve found the perfect family caravan for your summer road-trip, the next step is to choose an awning. When you initially purchase a caravan, it’s easy to lose sight of how many options for awnings there are. Firstly, it’s important to make sure that the size matches the vehicle. This means that there are no obstructions blocking lights and doors. Secondly, the quality must match that of the vehicle itself. Here are some options for caravan awnings:




A rollout awning is a simple solution for quick breaks in between stops. They’re easy to install by yourself and quick to set-up. They also often come with other accessories such as ropes that can help keep them in place during high wind periods.




These are ideal for travels without the whole family. A porch awning is a bit smaller than a full awning; however, it can sometimes cover almost the same amount of space. They’re quick to set up and easy to take with you for long distances. These are incredibly popular among travellers, and as a result, many different options are available for purchase. Protection for your carpet against sun rays is also a beneficial property of porch awnings.




Combi awnings are the best of both worlds. They combine elements of the porch and full awnings and often feel like the Goldilocks of caravan awnings. These are a little bit trickier to find on the market due to certain features being lost in translation. The combi model is weather resistant and can handle almost any conditions. Additionally, conversion kits are available to transform elements of a full awning into a combi.




This is the most traditional form of awning that can be found. It is designed to cover the entirety of the caravan. Cons that many buyers face are that they are quite bulky and heavy. However, this is the ideal option for large families that require the full space to be covered.




Caravan awnings can cost anywhere from $50-200 or more. With this being the base price-range, there is an option for almost every budget. Of course, the price is sometimes reflected by location both geographically and per store. A brief Google search can direct you to the best option for your budget.




An additional element to consider when picking an awning is the cost of upkeep. Cleaning products specifically made for the materials in your awning are available from various retailers. However, it is wise to only use materials that your manufacturer recommends. Nobody likes mould and mildew, but sometimes they can manifest despite anyone’s best efforts. These costs are also worth noting and adding to your travel budgets before making a decision.


The awning you choose for your caravan can make large differences in the outcome of your vacation. Each one has benefits for varying situations, therefore making an option available for anyone. If finances are your top priority, make sure to research different brands that can fit your needs. Most people opt for the full awning for their caravan, but no two family situation is the same! It’s worth considering the different kinds of vacations you will embark on in your caravan before picking the type. Kakadu Annexes supply caravan awnings for sale. It’s a good idea to ask the manufacturer of your caravan for tips when choosing one!

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