Exterior paints are available for many different surfaces. These include all kinds of surfaces from walls to clap boards, aluminum siding and even wood work. There are homes which have an exterior which comprises of all the above mentioned surfaces, therefore its necessary to choose the right exterior paint for each of those.

The following is some information regarding exterior paints to help you make the right choice:

  • Exterior paints are available in water thinned solvents and oil thinned solvents. Choosing which one would work best for your walls is best left to be judged by the professionals. However, oil based paints work well on rough and dry surfaces or surfaces which have been previously painted using oil paints.
  • Water based exterior paints work well for smoother surface and also if you are looking for easy and maintenance free exterior painting.
  • It should be kept in mind that exterior paints tend to cost more. This is because these comprise of more resin. Resin can help keep the walls protected from the intensity of the weather. This is what makes these paints more expensive then interior paints.

  • While choosing exterior paint get to know which paint as previously used over particular surface. For example if the roof has been painted using an oil based paints, it’s better to use oil paint the next time as well.
  • However if you are having a home built and being painted for the first time, its best to use latex paints on the walls. This is because latex paints are quick drying and can be cleaned easily as well.
  • Alkyd paints while not so easy to use are more durable. But these take a long time to dry up. The work might stretch out a few extra days if you decide to use alkyd paints on the exterior or your home.
  • Chalking is a kind of alkyd paint which has recently gained a great deal of popularity. It’s known as chalking. The ability to self-clean is what makes it so popular as an exterior paint. Every time it rains, some of the paint chalks off and leaves a cleaner surface behind. This allows the paint surface to renew itself every time. There is formula which doesn’t allow it to stain other surfaces and control the shedding as well. Chalking though is not recommended for all places. In areas with little rainfall it’s not a feasible choice or an option.

Keeping in mind the key factors like weather, the surface which requires painting and the look you would like would influence your choice of paint. If you want a matt finish then oil paint definitely won’t be the ideal choice. Similarly for a shiny and metallic effect an oil paint would do just as well. It all does down to what would work and your own personal preference.

There are certain techniques which can help enhance the look of your place. Make sure you talk to a professional before selecting an exterior paint. Amazing Painting offer exterior painting for Melbourne homes. They can provide you with advice and suggestions.

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