Like most appliances, air conditioners require maintenance to give optimum output. If an Air Conditioner isn’t in the best condition, there’s every tendency to struggle, especially in hot weather.

To ensure you remain cool even when the weather is warm, we have identified common problems peculiar to the window and central air conditioners.

There are about eight problems that can be diagnosed in AC units. Eight questions that you can ask and will help you keep your AC unit at its best performance throughout the summer period.


1. Is the filter dirty?

A clogged filter inhibits airflow, irrespective of the kind of air conditioning set you’re using. When there is a restriction, it decreases efficiency and reduces its air-cooling ability.

If you haven’t cleaned your air conditioner’s filter in a while, ensure you do so and check back regularly. Central AC systems have manufacturer’s instructions that state when a new one should be brought in. Filters can last up to about three to twelve months.

Always remember that your filters need to be changed often, especially if you have pets or your system keeps running. When there are complaints about central air units that may not be functional, it is usually a dirty filter.

2. Is it too sunny inside?

In a situation where your AC is in a window directly affected by sunlight during the day, it’ll work extra to ensure your home or office is fresh if you can change the position to a spot with shade. If you cannot, ensure your curtains and shades are drawn during the day to prevent the sun from heating your building.

3. Is warm air leaking in?

Check your AC and ensure the seal isn’t getting hot air in, or cold air escaping from the AC. Seal around the unit again with weatherstripping if need be.

4. Is your window AC vibrating?

Air conditioners can be noisy, from the fan whirring and compressor sounds cycling on and off. It’s quite reasonable to experience these noises.

However, if you hear vibrating noises, it just means the installation of your unit was not done correctly. Ensure your AC unit is well seated in the window and go through the instructions for installation in the owner’s manual to ensure you don’t miss any step.

5. Is the thermostat on the right setting?

With a programmable thermostat, you can easily regulate the temperature in your house, so it’s great when you’re there and warmer when you aren’t.

If the temperature is too hot, ensure less exposure to sunlight. This may cause wrong temperature readings and registration by the thermostat.

6. Are plants crowding the compressor?

Sufficient airflow is needed for the outdoor compressor of your central AC to function well. Therefore, create space of about 2 to 3 feet between the compressor and plants or structures, if there are any. Five feet of clearance is also required between the trees and the top of the unit.

7. Did you remember the annual checkup?

A routine inspection by an expert in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning helps in diagnosing severe issues before they progress, leaving you hot and uncomfortable.

Do you need air conditioning repairs in the Gold Coast? There are lots of technicians that will help to inspect all moving units, including the refrigerant and also recharge the system if necessary.

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