Is Your Interior Designer Charging More Money Than He Should?


With the massive expansion of the designing industry, you are ought to come across potential scams. I do not mean your harm, but it is a fact that certainly prevails in the society. With the specificity attributed to each design for the interior designer, the prices may however, vary. But, there are certain common factors that are similar throughout the system and may be part of a fraud that could engulf you.

There is a common misconception regarding the field that it is quite expensive to hire an interior designer northern beaches let alone renovate the place. But, that is where you budget comes into view. Professional designers will run the details by you and will manage and design in accordance with your budget. But, how will you know that the designers are not faking the receipts and tricking you into giving them more money? Here is how you can acquire a general idea on how interior designers charge:

Advanced fixed rates

The interior designer often specifies a certain amount of fees beforehand which is often paid in advancement of about 10-40% of the whole fees. This fixed fee is rather popular in the society and is deemed certain by the designers. They calculate the estimate fee that might circulate the extent of the whole project and request for that certain amount.

Hourly rates

This mode of payment is often acquired by many other professionals from various industries as it is fair and simple. The number of hours that the interior designer will put in to create the masterpiece that you have envisioned for your place will directly relate to a fixed amount of rate per hour decided beforehand. This amount can be determined justly by both the parties and  avoids any scam within the system.

Percent cost

percent cost

Another method of payment that the interior designer integrates is the percentage cost which is often calculated by the client themselves. What the clients do is calculate a give estimate of how much the project could potentially cost. The furniture, paint, installations, subtleties and all the details that eventually construct the creative design in accordance with the personal style and taste of the client are determined beforehand with the estimate price. This price is then broken down to a 35-40% for the interior designer’s fee.

Cost per square meter

This certain method of payment is considered best for residential projects or small projects that cover bedrooms, workplaces or similar small spaces. There is a certain fixed fee attributed with the entirety of the space by marking it as cost per square meter which varies accordingly. This fee is considered to be the charges that the interior designer requests at the end of the creative  transformation.